Unruh Consulting Services works in two main areas:


Unruh Consulting Services works under the direction of local attorneys to solve fact-intensive, real life problems.

Do you find yourself with field work (due diligence, investigation, fact-finding, etc) that must be done, but have no time, due to other pressing matters in your office? I can handle the field work for you and your associates on an as-needed basis as your work load dictates.

My experience as a general contractor and business owner would benefit you. Based on my qualifications and skill set I would:

Homeowners, Buyers, Sellers,
Real Estate Professionals

It's your home. It's your money. It's your headache. You don't have to be the construction expert - let us be that for you.

Surprises are good - unless they are bad. Let us come alongside you when your home surprises causes concern with contracts, structures, or legal matters.

We are experts in home construction focusing on the owner and their investment. We are determined to assist the homeowner balancing highest professional ethics, precision, and aesthetics. In short, we can be trusted.